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This report is provided by Harlem Emergency Network, WHCR’s Emergency Broadcast Team, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and the NYC Mayor’s Office

As of now, all non-essential businesses in New York City are to be closed. Only businesses with essential functions will be permitted to operate. Examples include grocery stores, pharmacies, internet providers, food delivery, banks, financial institutions and mass transit. Businesses that provide essential services must implement rules that help facilitate social distancing. The NYPD will be out in neighborhoods across the City to ensure compliance with these policies. 

Don’t forget… every drastic step we take now to reduce exposure to  COVID-19 saves lives down the road-- and preserves our health care system's staff and infrastructure to better handle not only virus cases, but regular medical emergencies like delivering babies.  Public hospitals are allowing healthy partners in delivery rooms during birth.

 NYC Parks & Playgrounds 

Yesterday Mayor DeBlasio warned City residents that there is still congestion in City parks and playgrounds, and that families should stay at least 6 feet apart from other families and individuals.  The Mayor is assessing resident compliance and will announce on Saturday whether it is necessary to close City parks and playgrounds.

For all updates on park service changes and closures go to

The City is considering closing at least two (2) public streets per borough to vehicular traffic in order to allow more outdoor space with proper "social distancing" for families and individuals.


Alternate side of the street parking rules remain suspended through Tuesday, March 31st, at which time the City will assess the need for street cleaning and temporary reinstatement of the rules.

Hospitals & Testing

City hospitals like Harlem Hospital Centers are not accepting appointments anymore to test for the Coronavirus. If you feel you need to be tested, call any city hospital call center and a clinician will tell you if you need to stay home or if you need to go in for testing. Tents are set up outside of many city hospitals to test those who have already made appointments.


The City is reviewing the 5,000 inmates currently incarcerated by the City on Rikers Island to identify those over 70 years old and/or with pre-existing conditions to consider their release.  The Mayor has ordered the immediate release of 300 inmates, and is reviewing other cases for release consideration.

Support Groups & Relief

The United Way has established a COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund; they will help with bills, rent and food. Call 1-866-211-9966 and give them your ZIP code.

Also check out the Harlem United Against Coronavirus Facebook Group here and at menu link above.

First Responder Child Card

On Monday the Dept. of Education opened Regional Enrichment Centers (REC) for children of health care workers, police, fire, emergency management, and some transit workers. DOE has created this enrollment form for those first responders to complete this form).  RECs will be open Monday-Friday from 7:30am - 6:00pm. Students will be provided three hot meals a day and technology for remote learning, as well as art and PE classes. Each location will include a nurse and isolation rooms, in case anyone displays symptoms. There are 15 centers in Manhattan. To apply click 1st Responder REC’s or in the menu above.

Food for Students

The DOE is committed to making three free meals available daily for all NYC children.  Click here FREE MEALS or in the menu above for info and locations for free meals.  Families can also learn the location of the nearest meal hub by texting FOOD or COMIDA to 877-877

Food for Seniors

There is an interactive map for finding soup kitchens, food pantries, senior centers, or SNAP enrollment sites. Go to, or click on Food Bank in menu above.

The city's Dept. for the Aging (DFTA) is phasing in a direct meal delivery system that will gradually replace the current Grab and Go model of food distribution at senior centers. The first phase will begin today, Wednesday, March 25th. Grab and Go meals will continue at many centers and even overlap as the new system is implemented. DFTA recommends contacting the centers directly before going to the center to confirm timing and availability.

Food for Shut-ins

The City has created the GetFoodNYC food delivery program to provide food for coronavirus (COVID-19)-vulnerable and food-insecure New Yorkers not currently served through existing food delivery programs. (Sign up here or ) Call 311 for information.
Stay Informed

To get regular updates on the latest developments with coronavirus in New York City, text COVID to 692-692.  New Yorkers can also text COVIDESP to 692-692 for updates in Spanish. You will receive regular SMS texts with the latest news and developments.

If you have any questions on finding medical care call 311.

You can get alerts from Harlem Emergency Network by texting the word ALERT to 347-918-3540.  And of course, stay connected to for extensive information and tips on how to use natural botanicals to help boost your immune system as well as links to many of the services and resources mentioned in this report.

We understand that this is a trying time. We would like to hear about your experiences and help you with any questions you may have. So please leave a voice or text message at WHCR’s Coronavirus Line. 347-395-6177. You can also send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As you may know, WHCR is on automated programming until further notice. At the beginning of your favorite shows we will give regular updates as we get information from local, state and federal governments about the Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. We are working hard to make sure that we provide you with up-to-date information relevant to you, your family, and our community,  On behalf of all of us at WHCR, we ask you to stay safe, and check in with each other, especially the elderly and people with other medical challenges. 





WHCR Mobile Feed

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